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Hot stuff 14/12

Tush push 9/11-19

Africa bum bum 9/11-19

Höstterminen 2019

GrundkursBeginner dagBeginner kvällImprover Intermediate
Rocket to the sunK is For KicksLet it
Soul shake
K is for kicksRoad House RockDance monkeyThousand times
Dancing in the streetRocket To The Sun
Step Back
Mamma Mia! Why Me? Chained To The Rhythm
Dance monkeyMamma Mia Why Me?Suga Suga Vanotek cha
The way you look
Country walkin'Yesterdays tomorrowWow TokyoSimply the best
Knock knockKnock KnockAngel & CoronaLegend
Get down get funkyPretty Little Galway GirlGet Drunk Get LoudTai-want love
PillowsI Close My EyesHope & faithMoves
One two threeJive TimeYes M'am, No M'amOld tears
Sweet temptation Straight To My HeartSweet temptation Just a phase
The big scoop
Romeo tonight

Vårterminen 2019

GrundkursBeginner dagBeginner kvällImprover Intermediate
The rose ezWaiting 4 UA Bitter LullabyDirty Little Secret
Mamma Mia! Why Me?First swaySleepwalk with meChill Factor
Cheap thrillsThe DrifterGraffiti BabyI Cant Hide
Nomi (2015)Step backStarlightGraffiti
Echame la culpaJoey on the FiddleFields of goldSpotlight
Under The SunCha Cha EspanaSuga sugaSlow Burn
Waltz till you love meDown on your uppersBlessedTai-Want Love
Drift Away Cha ChaWow TokyoVanotek Cha
Back in townBlessed

Danshelgen med Ria Vos 5-7 oktober 2018


The Boy With The Gun

Echoes Love

Tunnel Vision

Turn Me On

Höstterminen 2018

GrundkursBeginner dagBeginner kvällImprover Intermediate
Rocket to the sun
The QueenPull You Through
href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">KatchiVenenoEchoes Love
Country walkin'Tunnel VisionCaballero
Lindi ShuffleLittle Country RaceTurn Me On
Dancing on the ceilingHave You Ever Seen The RainThe Boy With The Gun
Ghost TrainTicket To The BluesSecond Time Around
Get down, get funkyCome On Closer
Road House RockMusic To My Eyes
Step backAlways Let You Down
The rose ez
Yesterday's Tomorrow

Vårterminen 2018

GrundkursBeginner dagBeginner kvällImprover Intermediate
Come Dance With MeFeel itTake Me To The River - easyPerfect
Perfectly EasyBoredLipstick TangoAll The King´s Horses
Shaggy SailorLonely CallingJag trodde änglarna fannsMore Than Friends + Amame
Something In The WaterTake a breatherAll The King's HorsesGave it All Away
Locklins BarHave you ever seen the rain
Bosa NovaIn nineteen seventy three
For the worldTake a breather
Come On Closer
Body talk
Down on your uppers

Hösten 2017

Grundkurs Beginner kväll Beginner dag Improver/
Rocket To The Sun

Country Walkin`

Ghost Train

Dancing On The Ceiling

All About A Woman

Get Down Get Funky

Queen Of My Heart

Amys NC2

Lonely Drum-Beginner

First Cha

Eyes for you

What You Gonna Do With The Band

Havana cha

Ride Away

Waltz away

Doesn’t Matter

Lonely drum

Bittersweet Memory

Wow Tokyo

Enough Is Enough

Shake Rumble and Quake

Lonely Drum

Våren 2017

Grundkurs Beginner kväll Beginner dag Improver/
Dance With Me Tonight

Someting I Missed


Blue ain’t your color

Go Shanty

Mi rowsu


Break It Back Down 

The shape of you 

Dance with me tonight


I Am Me

Call you tonight

Mi rowsu

Holy Days


Break It Back Down

The shape of you


Come On Come On

Red Dirt Road

Pop´n Drop

I Cant Go On


No Man´s Land

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Dig Your Heels

Maybe Tomorrow

Funky Love

We´re Not Strangers Anymore

Hösten 2016

Grundkurs Beginner kväll Beginner dag Improver/
Rocket To The Sun

Hold You Tonight


All About A Woman

Go Low Go Low

Lindi Shuffle

Agua y Fuego

Ghost Train

Country Walkin’

Good Girls Don’t


Take Me To The River – Easy

Aqua y Fuego

Good Girls Don’t

Wawe On Wawe

Rock and roll Music

Same old something

Hold YouTonight

Ain´t Misbehaven

Better When I`m Dancing

Mony Mony

Messing Up My Mind

The Fighter

Long Distance Love


Våren 2016

Grundkurs Grundkurs forts Beginner Improver/easy intermediate

Try Evertyhing

Go Shanty – stegbeskrivning

Mountains To The Sea – stegbeskrivning

Dear Future Hubby – stegbeskrivning


Driftaway Cha Cha

Ticket To The Blues – stegbeskrivning

Country Walkin’ – stegbeskrivning

Ghost train
Yesterday once more
Wave On Wave

Locklin´s Bar

Where We´ve Been

Hands Up

Caught In The Act

Make This Day

Hösten 2015

Grundkurs Grundkurs forts Beginner Improver/easy intermediate
Sweet 16

Together – stegbeskrivning

Starry Cha – stegbeskrivning

Ghost Train – stegbeskrivning

We Only Live Once  – stegbeskrivning

All About A Woman   – stegbeskrivning


Something I Missed

Rocket To The Sun

Baby Love

A little Sweet

On the Roof

We only live once

New shoes

Come dance with me

Rocket to the sun

Skip The Line

All Day Long

Heavenly Cha

Thanks A Lot

Have Fun

Take It From There

2-Way Kiss

Sweet little something

My Biscuit

And get it on

Tough love

Greater than me

Thinking different

Save the day

Ta mig tillbaka


Messing up my mind

Locklin´s Bar

Våren 2015

Grundkurs dagtid Grund forts / Nivå 1 Nivå 2
Charleston Shuffle
Give It A Go
Need A Little Sweetness
Rock & Roll King
Waltz till you love me
Black Coffee
Got My Baby Back
Shaggy Sailor
What You Gonna Do With The Band
Eternal Secret
Don´t Let me down
I see me
Corn don´t grow
Uptown funk
Rock & Roll King
We only live once
Hösten 2014    
Grundkurs  Nivå 1  Nivå 2
Amys NC2
Come Dance With Me
Driftaway cha cha
My Waltz
Ghost Train (bonusdans)
Funk Shui
De Lux
Rocket To The Sun  &  California Freeze
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O
Marry that girl
My first love
Heart of an Angel
White night
Shotgun Mambo
Mona Lisa

Grundkurs Vt 2014

Grundkurs HT 2013

My Everything
Bumpy Ride
Waltz till you love me
I got my baby back
Ghost Train
First Cha
Sweet 16

Fortsättning 2
Vårterminen 2014:

 Take It Off 
Take Your Time Girl          A Little Bit Gypsy           
Only One Road              Somewhere In My Car   
Wow Tokyo                    New York 2 LA               
Timber                             The Tango Project 

Höstterminen 2013:

You’re The Reason         Jumpin Up                       VideoBlurred Lines (Adv)        
No Man’s Land                 I Can”t Hide
Blurred Lines                  My First Love                 Disconnected             Fields Of Gold         Fairy Tales&Love Songs.., Hurt Me Carefully, Voodoo Jive.
Rep:  Boys Will Be Boys, Oh My, Judy Likes To Rock, Intrigue, Back It Up.

Vårterminen 2013:

Tango De Pasion                 Oh My                                
50 Ways                              Judy Likes To Rock            
Fairy Tales&Love Songs… Back It Up                         
Crazy Foot Mambo             
Hurt Me Carefully                 VideoVoodoo Jive

Höstterminen 2012:

Intrigue                             Let’s Dance Again              Rock Paper Scissors
Boys Will Be Boys          Soft Whispers              
Kill The Spiders              Blue Heartache               
Farewell                        Stitch It Up                        Britghts Lights

Fortsättning 3

HT 2013

No man’s land
No life after you
Follow me
Blurred lines
Boom Sh-Boom 
I can’t hide
You’re the reason
14/11 Girl power
28/11 Wow Tokyo

VT 2013

Wom bom bom    video
Keywest sunset sky   video 
Outta control    video
Together we dance   video
Fairy tales and love songs   video
Domino  video
Come together 2013  video
Question of doubt    video
Gotta be somebody  video

Ht 2012

Language of the heart
If you were mine
Dance with me tonight
Like a love song
Bang bang
Bound to you     video
Black Heart   video
His only need  video
Rock da boat  video
Makin´Trouble  video
Dance again  video
Faithfully   video
Stuck    video

VT 2012

Nybörjare                                                        Fortsättning 1
Mamma MariaFirst cha                                Dry your eyes
Alfie                                                                The Rush
123 Waltz                                                       Driftaway cha cha
Lindi Shuffle                                                    Bright lights
Country walking                                              Caro’s man
On the roof                                                     Walking away
Where I belong                                               Take It From There
Cooler than me                                               Before The Devil
Come dance with me
Get down get funky
Baby love
Ghost train
Good time

Fortsättning 2                                                  Fortsättning 3
The Flute                                                         Language of the heart
Better Life                                                        Caribbean Pearl
Kicking The Dirt                                               Jealousy
 Hold My Hand                                                 Loving you
If You Were Mine                                             Wet
Doin’ Alrite                                                       Monster in the mirror
Footloose                                                        Rock your body
Where we’ve been                                          Hurts instead
Someone should tell you                                 Domino
Dance with me tonight

HT 2011

Nybörjare                                                        Fortsättning 1
Country 2 step                                                Green eyed monster
Baby sister                                                      Born 2B Gaga
I need your love                                               Same old something
Waltz across Texas                                        Luna Lite
Sweet sweet smile                                          Alabama Slammin’
Walking backwards                                         Unmistakable
2 hell and back                                                 Angel cha
Under the sun                                                  Something in the water
Something in the water                                    Dry Your Eyes
Yodel A E Tee
Live Laugh Love
Luna lite
Bosa nova
Stitch it up

 Fortsättning 2                                                  Fortsättning 3

Lionel                                                              Move a like
Alabama Slammin                                         Innocent
Acredita                                                          Devotion
All of me                                                         La Luna
Caballero                                                       Lady Luck
Like a love song                                            Show me the love
Take it from there                                          Tomorrow
Plan B                                                            Eyes wide open
Mr Saxobeat                                                  Meant 2 be
Party Freak

VT 2011
Grundkurs Fortsättning 1
All you need Little bluff
Princess & cowboy It’s your world
Appelbottojm jeans Did you see me
Sleeping child
Don’t give a blank
Pack up & tip toe
Flavour of the month
Make this day
Fortsättning 2 Fortsättning 3
Knee deep Bittersweet memory
We belong Night work
Drip droppin Carrickfergus
Old tears Hands all over
I run to you Drity bit
Hollywood Raise your glass
No goodbyes Burlesque
Bittersweet memory A walk on the wild side
Burlesque Only girl
Box it up Off the ground
Nimby I’m no good
What happens on the dancefloor The pulse
I’m no good Party freak
HT 2010
Grundkurs Fortsättning 1
Mamma Maria/ Lindi shuffle Hands up
Cupid shuffle Wanna be Elvis
6812 Call you tonight
Blue sky Wakira
Ghost train Doctor doctor
Blue night cha Crazy devils
Feelin it Under the sun
First cha Bumpy ride
123 waltz We speak no americano
Mini Africa
Baby love
Fortsättning 2 ht Fortsättning 3
Rhyme or reason Running in the wrong direction
Pot of gold Everything I do
Who you are Murder my heart
American honey Drip droppin
Yolanda Latin crazy
Watch me now We belong
Walking in the rain Unbroken
Playing with fire Fall apart
Big Jimmy Unpredictible
Sweet southern comfort Emotions
East to west

VT 2010

Toes One horse town
Straddling boots One more midnight
What you gonna do with the band S.O.T.B
Mi Rowsu Baby hands
Give it to a beginner Love me
Fortsättning 2
Heaven in my womans eyes Broken Heelz
Cheek to cheek Gave it all away
Good to be us Senorita
Mexicali Enchantment
Hands up The way you look
Maybe I’ll could
Fortsättning 3
You and I What about
Straight thru Broken Heels
Ave maria Play for keeps
Hands up Hey! Hey! Goodbye!
NY cha Sentimental

2009 HT/ VT

Grundkurs ht Grundkurs vt
Blue sky/ Lindi shuffle That girl
Sweet 16 Badda boom badda bang
Dancing queen Waltz away
Ghost train Angel cha
Djungle boogie Womanizer 2
Little white moon Love story
First cha Cucu
Rock my world T’morrow never knows
Against the wind When you love someone
6812 Brazil
Fortsättning 1 ht Fortsättning 1 vt
Toes Billy Jean
Vaya con dios Cucu
Time to swing Respect
Louisiana swing Shama lama ding dong
Chica boom boom Love me
Cool chick Dream boat
Mi Rowsu Wanna be Elvis
Not fair Do you love me
Booty music Let the four wind blow
Rodeo blues Womanizer 2 / Brazil
Fortsättning 2 ht Fortsättning 2 vt
Halo Soul man
Make you belive Warwick avenue
Caught in the act Looking for love
Mi Rowsu Time 2 fly
Release me Cabo san lucas
Vaya con dios Bombshel stomp
Go mama go Right or wrong
Pa-Leeze Number one / Cliche´
Holding on to yesterday Doctor Doctor / Laid back
Mojo rythm Laid back’n low key / All day long
Fortsättning 3 ht Fortsättning 3 vt
Jesse james Party popper
Lamorbey Gimme a chance
Halo Feed the fetish
Nothing matters Womaniser
Coochie bang bang Tumbling rush
Make you belive Turn me loose
Unchain my heart Pacifico
Beautiful Human dancer
Playing with fire Poker face / No need to rush
Feel / Right now

2008 HT/ VT

Grundkurs ht Grundkurs vt
Lindi shuffle / Dancing queen
Blue sky
Against the wind
Just mad
First cha
Electric slide
Ghost train
Beautiful sunday
Ping pong song
Fortsättning 1 ht Fortsättning 1 vt
Blusher I love a rainy night
Candy wine Big girl boogie
My girl sally Ping pong
I’m not afraid Alfie
Ooh poo pah doo The lemon tree
Just mad Coockadoodle
Higher & higher Straddling boots
Waltz away Trickle, trickle
Speak to the sky Baby cha
Love trick Ice breaker
Kiss me kiss me
Fortsättning 2 ht Fortsättning 2 vt
Alabao Big love
Amor de hielo Midnight waltz
Beatin’ my head Just a memory
My Veronica Lollipop
Leaving of Liverpool Rebel amor
Galway girls High time
Chill factor Islands in the stream
Dance like you’re the only one Baby cha / Leave it up
Time 2 fly You’re so naughty
Bosa nova Crazy foot mambo
Pretend / Charanga
Fortsättning 3 ht Fortsättning 3 vt
Fire on ice Country as a boy can be
Like a hero Be brave
Amame Whole lot of leavin’
Head phones Big & beautiful
All summer long Call on me
Gotta hitch Lovers prayer
Saddle up shawty Bleeding love
No one’s gonna stop me Love today
Get trashed Do you know (ping pong)
Still in love Let me be (aka fantasy)
Do your thing Don’t push me
So glamorous
Mercy / Prison break
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